if you want it done right, diy

Before Technicolor Minnie Mouse

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If you haven’t been struck by the tie die movement that has come back in a big (and amazing) way… then you’ve been living under a rock.  The hippie loving color burst designs have been seen on runways, fashion mags, and found their way into my closet!
Have fun tie diy’ing (as i like to call it) with just about anything and everything… get creative and re-invent your bags, dresses, scarves, shoes!
For a fast, fun, and easy alternative to liquid dye- try Simply Spray.. its to DYE for!  http://www.simplyspray.com/
Peace. Love. and Tye Dye!

I’m seeing spots! The good kind. Beaded details can be summed up in one word- j’amazing.  Recreate and redecorate all at once.  I decided to channel this motif into my deep pottery passion/obsession.
Have fun with this simple, design inspired decorative project.  Its the perfect way to re-purpose empty cans, bottles, containers without dropping a small fortune on pretty porcelain.
Ceramic Skinny: Check out all the amazing ceramics that hail from West Germany from 1950-1970.  The designs are beautiful.  Fast forward to our modern-day prince of pottery,  Jonathan Adler.  Mr. Adler is quirky in all the right ways.  His tortoise lamp is currently top on my wish list!
PS- Puffy Paint will totally bring you back to your early art project days!

Clarity is a rarity and we strive to achieve it!  As I’ve gushed, all things with see-thru hues are first-rate especially when we’re highlighting beautiful fixtures that have really become fixtures in our everyday lives. An eye-catching light fixture or chandelier creates a bold and elegant element in any space!  For this bulb-baring project, you simply need to empty water bottles, not your pockets! 
Slice a bunch of bottoms off bottles- I prefer to live greener with Dasani’s Plant Bottles, pierce holes using a pin, string and knot fishing line, hang evenly around a circular tube  (find tubing at your local hardware store).  Drop in a lamp kit- and you’re ready to light up your life!
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Summer Solstice is upon us and it’s time to get down with BBQ’s, Braids, and all things Beachy & Boho! I love to sport summer accessories that are easy, breezy, and will help crank up the temperature.  In keeping with my everyday modern and tres eclectic ways, I look to the Southern California vibes of the stylish Coachella festival, ROXY surfer chicks, tall teepees, and hints of Stevie Nicks. These sunny free spirits have a fashionable aura that I’m utterly in awe of and make me want to be part of their tribe!To make your beachy boho headpiece, get some rawhide material, colorful beads, feathers, and neon tape.  Braid approx 1.5 yards together, leaving some strands at the end to add beads and feathers.  Secure feathers on with Duct or Gaffers tape.  
**P.S. - For all of you West Coasters, we will be on-hand making these headpieces with ROXY at PacSun’s Summer Solstice Beach Ballyhoo on the Santa Monica Pier.  See ya there!

I’ve been roped in to a DIY obsession that’s got me all tied up at the moment.  I cannot stop weaving and knotting for the life of me!  Currently, were seeing the macrame and summer crochet trend all over the place.  Don’t think hippie-chic looks and handwoven plant hangers- Macrame and crochet looks are back in a modern and wearable way.  Chanel’s SS10 collection is bursting at the seams with this delicate, light-weight design that’s to die for.  Oscar de la Renta proved this trend is gonna stick around for a bit as we spotted some macrame cameos in his Cruise 2011 show as well.
To create you own version of this macrame-style rope necklace, grab a spool of rope and loop around your thumb.  Weave over and under your fingers, back and forth until you create 2 rows of rope of each finger.  Remove the bottom string over the top on each finger, until you leave just one row left.  Continue to weave over and under, always creating 2 rows of rope and pulling the bottom rope over the top.  After you’ve created your woven design, remove from the fingers, loop the strand through all the finger holes, add beads and chain- and you’re ready to roll!

Making a statement with each stride is a must…so be brave, bold, and confident when you strut your stuff. Inspired by the luscious and luxe furs gracing this season’s runways and real-ways,  these booties pay homage to the furry, the fuzzy and the faux real!  Take a walk on the wild side!I hit up my favorite fabric store Mood for faux fur.  You only need a little, so get a half yard, and save the leftovers for a future DIY.  Cut into rectangles that will measure around your ankles.  Use a hot glue gun to secure onto a sock tube (which is made by snipping off the footies).  Slip on, and slide a bootie on your paws for a ferocious combo!